Windward Wiki

When a new world is created in Windward, a corresponding world config file will be created alongside it. This file is primarily used to store Faction information that is created during the Custom Factions process when first setting up a new world. It will also store the Message of the Day (MOTD) for a Dedicated Server.

It is possible to copy World Config files between different worlds as it is simply a plain text file that just needs to follow the naming convention. Simply copy the file and rename it to match your intended new world.

NOTE: If you are hosting a Dedicated Server with a pre-existing world created before the World Config feature was introduced, when the server is next run, the config file will be created.

Customizing the World Config File[]

The best way to understand the World Config file is to create a new Single-Player World, make a lot of changes to Custom Factions, and look at the resulting file.

An example of World file names:

  • World File (Don't edit this) : SuperHappy.dat
  • Corresponding Config File (Human readable text file) : SuperHappy.dat.config

Editing the World Config File[]

It is recommended that you use an advance text editor to edit a World Config file as although it is "human readable", the lines and indentation used in the file is very specific. Notepad++ is a good simple program to use for this purpose.

Configuration Sections[]


Each sail symbol used in the world needs to be listed here. This includes any Custom Sail Symbols added automatically at world creation. If you are adding a custom symbol, you will need to add in an entry for it here. The entry should match the file name of the custom symbol you are adding.


Customize Faction details including colors.

See image below for which color on the Faction screen matches up to which variable.